33 days to go till “we-do”.

I have begun weekly training with a Personal trainer. This thought have been brewing for a while, way before those wedding-body panic. I have always had very minimal exercises all my life which I blame on my naturally s curved spine. But truth is I’m just lazy and I admit it. So recent years, in my attempt for a fitter, healthier physique, I have been trying out exercises like yoga, hiit, running…etc. But I kept getting hurt instead; maybe ‘cos I attempted them in wrong postures or maybe some other reasons, and ended up visiting the physio more than I normally do.

I know beginners yoga should be relatively safe, but I joined group classes and even with a low number of 10-15 students, it’s still tough for the instructor to monitor everybody to the T. Thus came the thought of hiring a PT, where I can learn good forms and execise habits, be motivated and challenged all under the supervision of a professional.

I was quite nervous before my first class that I came up with a dozen reasons why I wouldn’t be able to handle it and attempted to call it off. But thx to bff’s encouragement, I went through with it after all. He motivated me just enough without being too pushy, and kept things fun by mixing various types of exercises within the training i.e. yoga, marshal arts…etc. I actually enjoyed it along with those post-training aches. They are like proves that I have actually done something and that my money were well spent!

With my newfound passion, activewear gained a much more important role in my closet. Here, I am flaunting my latest pieces (and body) from Titika.

Bratop – Black Star Medium Impact Bra

Leggings – Lucky Bai Shuye Graphic Leggings

Sneakers – Nike Flyknit

Hoodie – Danny Zip-Up Hoodie

Bralette – Carlota Lace Bralette

Back to wedding errands! 33 days to go!!!!!!!

So long~

❤ Sohea



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